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This text is about tv expertise. Sketch comedy is outlined by a set of separate situations, with no inherent connection to one another, and may include the use of parody, satire, spoof, and plenty of other comedy sub-genres. Inside of a Fifties type fine arts movie theater auditorium. A low pitch viewing flooring is used.

Movie-film yang diputar di dalam bioskop tempo dulu adalah film gagu alias bisu atau tanpa suara. Biasanya pemutaran di iringi musik orkes, yang ternyata jarang “nyambung” dengan movie. Beberapa film yang kala itu yang menjadi favorit masyarakat adalah Fantomas, Zigomar, Tom MIx, Edi Polo, Charlie Caplin, Max Linder, Arsene Lupin, dll.

The commonly noticed themes explored by this genre contain important themes of unrequited love, love at first sight, religious love, damaging love, and so on. These films normally serve the purpose of being great escapes for viewers, in addition to fantasies, shown by couples fighting for his or her love and overcoming life’s difficulties collectively. movie mania

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