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Modern cinema auditorium in Madrid , Spain. Comic fantasy : A subgenre of fantasy that is primarily humorous in intent and tone. Normally set in imaginary worlds, comedian fantasy often consists of puns on and parodies of different works of fantasy. movie mania It’s sometimes known as low fantasy in contrast to high fantasy, which is primarily serious in intent and tone. The term “low fantasy” is also used to represent different kinds of fantasy, so while comic fantasies may correctly be labeled as low fantasy, many examples of low fantasy aren’t comedian in nature.

Thriller films are motion pictures that primarily use action and suspense to engage the audience. Thrillers emphasize nervous stress and anxiousness. Thriller movies are distinct from horror movies which emphasize worry, or action movies which emphasize exhilaration. The motive force of a thriller can vary from small-scale fraud to international conspiracy, however topics comparable to disasters (the catastrophe movie) or defeating criminals (the crime movie) are typically the preserve of other genres.

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