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Modern cinema auditorium in Madrid , Spain. The French 819 line system E was a put up-battle effort to advance France ‘s standing in tv expertise. Its 819 strains had been virtually high definition even by at this time’s standards. Just like the British system A, it was VHF only and remained black & white until its shutdown in 1984 in France and 1985 in Monaco. It was tested with SECAM in the early stages, but later the choice was made to undertake coloration in 625-strains. Thus France adopted system L on UHF only and deserted system E.

Bizarre fiction : Speculative literature written in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Weird fiction is distinguished from horror and fantasy in that it predates the niche advertising of style fiction Because genre or stylistic conventions had not been established, weird tales usually mix the supernatural, legendary, and even scientific. movie mania British “weird” authors, for instance, printed their work in mainstream literary magazines even after American pulp magazines grew to become standard. “Bizarre fiction” is mainly a historic description for works by the 1930s, but the term has also been used since the 1980s, sometimes to refer to slipstream fiction that blends horror, fantasy, and science fiction.

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